Customer Centricity

Today, customers can interact with your company in more ways than ever, across unique channels, devices, and time zones. Your customer might see your company’s ad, visit your website, browse your products, read customer reviews, and go on their way — all without speaking to a single human. While technology and automation have unquestionably improved our lives, they’ve also made the modern customer experience much noisier since countless customer interactions happen around the clock, and many fly below your radar.

Further, Customers today are no longer brand loyal as they used to be. They shop around more than ever, can…

Data Driven

Everyone today talks about DATA being the new oil so to speak. What does that mean to you? What does that mean to your organization? What does that mean to your customer? What does that mean to your partners? or for that matters what does that mean to anyone else?

Why be a DATA driven organization?

We have witnessed a seismic shift in how businesses outpace and outmaneuver the competition over the past few decades and most would agree that access to capital as the key driver of competitive strength.

With the advent of internet and digital revolution, access to…

Zero Trust

Zero Trust Architecture — the myth & reality.

COVID-19 has challenged the status quo in every aspects of our lives. One of the areas which was challenged the most from a CIO’s perspective has been Information Governance & Assurance aggravated by exponential rise in ransomware attacks to exploit the shift of most working from home(WFH).

What has helped certain organizations to better manage this shift than others? It’s all about how holistically your govern your IT assets — in terms of threat, protection, access, detection, remediation and holistic governance of these under an integrated policy framework.

Many have been talking…

The Internet has effectively transformed the world we live in today and thought leaders around the world are maximizing the benefits of this transformation in ways unimagined a few decades ago. Human intelligence as we know it is now convoluted with artificial intelligence forming an alliance towards beating the odds of survival in the natural world.

Is this what we really asked for when humans ventured into creating machines that could take on tasks that would otherwise have to be performed by ourselves? How best should we manage the collection and use of information? …

Ramesh Shanmuganathan

Ramesh is a Visionary, Entrepreneur, Transformation Strategist & Architect #ramesh24 #ramesh24inc #r24inc

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